With today’s workforce it is imperative that employers stay up-to-date with Department of Labor Poster Requirements as well as the various regulations imposed by each State, City and/or local and other governing agencies. Staying up-to-date with all DOL Poster Requirements requires employers to communicate with employees, applicable labor laws, rights, and related processes. A primary means of communicating these laws to the general business community is through labor law compliance posters. Labor Posters are not only a useful reference guide for both employers and employees in the workplace, but they provide information that is required under the law to be displayed so employees have full access to the information. 

Compliance posters simplify a lot of complex information displaying in highly visible, often frequented locations of the workplace for employees and employers to have ample opportunity to know these laws, their corresponding rights, and their respective responsibilities. By displaying these notices, employers reduce legal liability and minimize disputes and grievances. For example, they state the employees’ rights and processes available for them to effectuate their rights, grievance procedures, including telephone numbers and websites for reporting violations and requesting additional information. 

Remote Work Compliance Requirements

One new poster compliance risk includes the emergence of the remote worker and how prevalent they are in today’s workforce.  Employers must navigate the same requirements in a digital environment. There are options for remote poster compliance, such as sharing via the following methods:

  1. Posting on the Company Intranet or File Sharing
  2. Direct Email
  3. Fax 
  4. US Postal Service.

When there is a Federal, State, or Local Mandate change, employers must send out by one of the above methods notification of these changes. For Hybrid employees that are in office quarterly, the Workplace Poster options work upon hire, however they also must be notified if a change occurs prior to the next workplace meeting.

Workplace Poster Content

Employers are expected to continue to stay current and compliant with any mandated content changes for their workplace posters. When updates and changes in requirements occur, employers are expected to post the updates immediately upon their release to ensure continued compliance and employees’ access to the most current information that affects them. The most current version of the workplace poster must always be on display and easily available to employees. Though workplace posters simplify a lot of complex information for both employees and employers, ensuring compliance with workplace poster display requirements is not always as simplified. For most employers, the most frequented areas best to physically post workplace posters include but are not limited to

  1. Employee Breakrooms
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Cafeterias
  4. Lobbies
  5. Pre-employment Screening Areas

Workplace Poster Non-Compliance Risks & Penalties 

             Fines for failing to comply with workplace poster requirements can range from just under $200 (i.e. FMLA) to over $20,000 (i.e. EPPA). However, depending on your business size, jurisdiction, and other nuances, the content mandated for your company to display for employees may vary from other businesses. When you partner with Flyte HCM’s Labor Law Poster Update Services, you also receive a $25,000 fine guarantee and can opt between email update services or poster replacement services. 

The Flyte Advantage in Workplace Compliance

It pays to partner with Flyte, a leading health care management provider, who will monitor state and federal statutory and regulatory changes. Flyte takes immediate action upon each update to ensure all your compliance obligations are achieved. With the help of Flyte HCM, your company can greatly mitigate and even eviscerate the financial liability associated with workplace poster non-compliance fines. Don’t wait, partner with Flyte now to protect your business and your employees.

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