COBRA compliance is essential for the financial health of a Group insurance program. We offer industry leading innovation and value.

If you offer Group insurance…

Is COBRA Required?

1 in 4 are not in compliance

Total Security

Depending on how large the company is, what state it’s in and what coverage is offered, COBRA will apply and must be offered, correctly!

If COBRA IS Required

Stay in compliance!

Total Security

Offering COBRA improperly is the second greatest cause of COBRA related lawsuits. In short, it just makes sense to hire Flyte to take that risk off your hands.

Flyte Provides Total COBRA Coverage

Total COBRA and State Continuation Compliance

Flyte’s COBRA administration will facilitate compliance with all federal and state COBRA laws. Employers with over 20 employees are required to give their employee the option to continue their group benefits after they lose coverage through a qualified event.

When and how to offer COBRA are details that vary by a case. These details make the difference between effective COBRA administration or a lawsuit. Flyte will become your shield and insurance against all COBRA compliance concerns.

Let us help you stay compliant and efficient!

Why Are We The Best?

Unlike COBRA vendors, Flyte HCM offers a modern, employer focused COBRA program that meets all legal requirements. We leave no stone unturned and it’s all at your fingertips!

COBRA and State Continuation demand precise steps be taken, even down to the wording used on notices and when they’re sent. Flyte ensures each detail is maintained to the letter of the law!

Flyte HCM is an HR administration firm specifically built to tackle today’s tough topics for the everyday employer. Unlike COBRA vendors, we take the guesswork out of compliance.

Clunky forms are a thing of the past! We offer an array of termination communication options that can nearly automate your COBRA experience. We are convinced employers shouldn’t suffer because they offer benefits.

Why would you work with a company that only provides COBRA for their products? Flyte HCM serves the everyday employer and works with every carrier. We support all Group products which COBRA applies.

Everyday employers require a variety of reports depending on their needs. We sympathize with their needs and make all of their data available anytime they wish. Regardless of whether it’s a large company or small, Flyte HCM is here to help!

Have a need for COBRA today? Flyte offers an expedited setup service that ensures we can get your notice out within 48 hours. We are the best in the business know what it takes to get this done!

Guaranteed Best Value

That’s right! We’re the best value in the business. Our team is backed by decades of experience and is supported by the best software. Our prices can’t be beat and when you add it all up, Flyte HCM has revolutionized COBRA compliance for the everyday large employer.

No Monthly Minimums

Flyte isn’t bound to monthly minimums like a COBRA vendor is. With us, you pay for what COBRA you use regardless of the company size. We have clients with hundres enrolled and clients with zero enrolled, all of them are covered by our services.

Worry Free Compliance

We accept responsibility of being the expert and you are assured of three things: Compliance, Affordability and Simplicity!

Put Flyte HCM on the job today!


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