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Stay compliant with minimal effort. Flyte will do the heavy lifting.

Employers with 20 employees or more are required by Federal law to offer COBRA continuation. In addition, most states have other specific benefits continuation laws that need to be handled correctly. Our complete Simply COBRA administration gives you peace of mind to be compliant with state COBRA requirements.

Why Outsource COBRA Admin?

The purpose of COBRA is straightforward, but the administration can be a huge burden for employers. Here are a few of the top reasons to leave it to the experts:


Employers that sponsor a group health plan for 20 or more employees are required to offer the opportunity for an extension of health coverage for employees and their families under circumstances such as job loss, reduction in hours worked, job transitions, death, divorce and other life events. If COBRA provisions are not followed, hefty penalties will be assessed. Having the proper administration in place ensures your company is compliant.


COBRA is one of the most commonly outsourced HR functions, and for good reason. Employers would need to send notices out in a timely manner, track a lot of data, keep adequate records, and much more. Outsourcing COBRA manages risk, can reduce costs, and is ultimately one less headache for employers.

Simply COBRA

Key Features

Our complete COBRA administration ensures that every detail is managed and in compliance. You have the added peace of mind with easy report access anytime, State Continuation options, and ongoing Flyte Team support.

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Full Service COBRA

Full compliance with both state and federal continuation laws is standard with Flyte's COBRA service.
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Monthly COBRA for

High Turnover Employers

Employers in high turnover industries face unique challenges with staying compliant.

Two main reasons we are hired by high turnover employers are:

A. We having pricing specific to their needs.
B. A general COBRA audit revealed that premium dollars were lost due to a breakdown in administration.

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