Health Savings Account

HSA Administration

Simple and Affordable

Are you looking for a sure winner in the search for healthcare savings? A Health Savings Account simplifies how employees can pay for their healthcare expenses while also providing a budget-friendly employee benefit that meets everyday needs. We understand the importance of providing your employees with valuable benefits while also controlling healthcare costs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive solution that provides a range of benefits to both employers and employees.

  • Benefit Design and Compliance Support

  • Fully Integrated Health Account Management

  • Dedicate Support Team

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Everything for HSA success comes included:

Integrated Desktop and Mobile App

Linked Health Accounts

Eligible Expense Barcode Scanner

Integrated Support

All service benefits are available at the members finger tips.

We learned long ago that a compliant benefit plan leads to a healthier and longer lasting relationship.

Utilizing the most modern day communication and data reporting technology available to date.

All HSA funds are held within FDIC insured accounts at all times.

A simple and secure method of navigating the tasks associated with an HSA account.

Offer a wide variety of health account benefits, and have them all administered by a single administrator.

A Health Savings Account is a great way to help employees plan for their future by allowing them to contribute tax-advantaged funds for qualified medical expenses. Employers may also choose to contribute to the HSA. This benefit gives employees the ability to accumulate money that will continue to grow, save money on taxes, and earn interest over time. An HSA may only be opened when a participant is enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan (QHDHP). As a result of enrolling in a QHDHP, your monthly premiums could be lowered.

HSA growth


Balances increase as the money is invested into interest earning accounts via the Flyte Mobile App.

HSA is tax-free


Interest earned through an HSA is tax-free, and investment options are available.

Employees love Health Savings Accounts


The account is owned by the member, is portable, and can be used by spouse and dependents as well.

The Flyte Difference

Flyte HCM offers a variety of HSA options to best serve the needs of our clients and their employees. Our Full Service HSA provides members the ability to manage their benefits and money investment online through our robust web platform. Beyond that, your employees can also manage their Direct Deposit and Debit Card options as well. We strive to put the control back in your hands! And don’t worry, if you have questions – call our support staff anytime.

The Full Service HSA gives an employer or participant the ability to contribute tax-advantaged funds to an HSA. The contributions can be tax-free if the HSA is accompanied by a Section 125 Plan. All accounts are open through Healthcare Bank® and fully supported by Flyte HCM for easy management. The HSA is owned by the participant, allowing them to manage their account activity through our direct system access with full support available to them.

INFO SHEET: 5 Reasons Why HSAs are an Employer’s Dream Offering.

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