MEC is an essential part of today’s ACA compliance landscape. We’ve made it as simple as possible!

The everyday large employer…


4 out of 5 aren’t sure if they are in compliance with the ACA.


1 in 3 are spending too much on ACA compliance.


Has a potential cost of nearly $2500 per employee for simply not offering coverage or reporting.


Flyte HCM has a program that solves all these concerns!

Guaranteed Group Coverage

Minimum Essential Coverage is defined by the Affordable Care Act as the core services that must be covered by a plan for it to be recognized as a “Group Health Plan” under the Employer Shared Responsibility portion of the ACA. Whew, what a mouthful of regulations!

Let Flyte HCM help you navigate this! Our MEC program is the easiest to use and provides more value than any other ACA compliance solution on the market. We understand how this stuff works and we know how to apply it to the everyday employer’s needs.

Large employers looking for Guaranteed Group Coverage that meets their needs, look no further because Flyte HCM is your team!

Why Are We The Best?

Unlike other MEC plans, Flyte HCM offers a revolutionary MEC program that does not require minimum participation. Only 1 enrolled? No problem!

Large employers today have increasing costs in running their business, benefits shouldn’t hurt them as well. We’ve made MEC as simple and affordable as it can possibly be!

Flyte HCM is an HR administration firm specifically built to tackle today’s tough topics for the everyday employer. Unlike traditional benefit administrators, we take the guesswork out of ACA compliance.

We offer an array of enrollment options from a traditional paper form approach to a fully automated online enrollment experience. We are convinced that employers shouldn’t suffer because they offer benefits.

For employers offering any group benefits, the requirement to offer COBRA is a real possibility. Also, if the premiums for group coverage are being deducted pretax there is annual compliance required by the IRS. These services are required and we’ve made them more afforable than you could ever imagine.

The ACA requires a series of reports be filed regarding the offers of coverage. Large employers who have done this know they don’t want to do it again! We take the pain and guesswork out of the data and form issues, as well as simplify the process.

No underwriting and no minimum participation required! We are the best in the business and can have your MEC plan setup in as little as two weeks.

Guaranteed Group Coverage

That’s right! Zero underwriting requirements, Zero health histories and long applications are a thing of the past. Flyte HCM has revolutionized ACA compliance for the everyday large employer.

No Minimum Participation

With our MEC and ACA compliance program, large employers aren’t bound by traditional minimum participation requirements. We have clients with thousands enrolled and clients with zero enrolled, all of them have offered MEC.

Burden Free Compliance

We accept the responsibility of being the expert at what we do best. You are assured of three things: Compliance, Affordability and Simplicity!


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Our team can have a total ACA compliance program setup and running in as little as two weeks.