Poor health habits among employees can cost employers large amounts of money, but employers can take action and get creative with how they want to influence healthy behavior changes. Whether they implement a fully fledged wellness program or make small but effective changes, it will ultimately lead to more productivity, less sick time, and better morale for the company.

It is Important to identify whether your wellness investments are paying off, but having healthy, happy employees should be the primary focus, rather than torturing the numbers on a calculator to determine wellness program ROI. The reality is that wellness program ROI can be difficult to measure because of the complexity of variables among programs. It is a necessary aspect to any wellness program, but the sole purpose and heart of the program should be to focus on preventing the onset of chronic lifestyle diseases.

Here are some practical tips that you can use to better your companies’ health behaviors. By creating a healthy workplace for your employees, the results could start paying off immediately.

  • Whenever you implement wellness activities or games, remember to educate your employees. Help them see the benefits of living healthier lifestyles. Some of it may be common sense, but many people don’t understand the long-term effects of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, unless they are educated.
  • Find out what your employees health interests are. Implement a company-wide survey to see what health topics employees want to learn more about.
  • If you are starting an exercise program, make sure to show employees how they can fit it into their busy days. Also help them to understand how they can eliminate excuses for not wanting to exercise.
  • Determining wellness ROI will vary greatly depending on many factors. Establish a metric of measurement that is both specific and realistic.
  • Provide fun and unique incentives for employees that are worth their while.
  • Check out the web, community health fairs and health organizations for more information and ideas for your companies’ wellness plan.

Today’s trend is towards a healthier workplace. Healthy employees are more productive and less expensive. By creating a work culture that expects healthy behavior, you will begin to see the cost benefits of having healthier employees.