As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good idea for your employees to get their claims in early. This will benefit them in several ways, the most important being that they will receive their reimbursements in a timelier manner. Also, it allows enough time for Flyte to request additional information if needed. Here are a few tips to share with your employees about getting claims in early:

  • Employees should keep track of their processing dates; that way, they know they need to have claims submitted before that date. Every employee receives a claim schedule with their confirmation letter at the beginning of each plan year that indicates the processing dates for the company.

  • As soon as an expense is incurred, they can send in the information to us – they do not have to wait. This way, they won’t forget about it until the last minute.

  • Employees can always call us to make sure we have received their claim information. This will help alleviate any fax or email issues.

  • Remind employees to make sure they have scheduled all their doctor and dental appointments and procedures before the end of the plan year. If the plan year ends December 31st, expenses have to be incurred by no later than December 31st. The only exception is if the company has a grace period in their documents.

  • Sometimes employees have extra money in their Flexible Spending Accounts and aren’t sure how to use it up. They can always contact us and we will give them information on eligible expenses. They can also carryover up to $500 for their FSA into the next plan year, provided that your plan allows this.

  • If the employee has orthodontia reimbursements set up automatically through Flyte, let us know if the expenses will be continuing to the next plan year and we will extend reimbursement forward.

  • Looking ahead into the upcoming plan year, sometimes an employee will have questions regarding a larger expense and how much they should elect. Please give us a call and we can provide reassurance of eligibility.

  • All of your enrolled employees can file their claims online through our Flyte WEX portal or on their smart phone through the Flyte Mobile App. The Flyte Mobile App is available for download in the App Store or Google play and the login for the Flyte Mobile App is the same as their online portal.

Please inform your employees of these tips so they have one less thing to worry about during this busy season. Please contact our Claims Processing Department if you have any questions regarding claims.