In order for employers to offer the benefit of pretax insurance premiums, there needs to be legal documentation in place. We offer industry leading service at technology-only prices.

The Department of Labor says…

73% of DOL Audits

result in fines.

Total Security

Regardless of employer size, the DOL is targeting Section 125 Plans and is specifically looking to see that all requirements are met, correctly!

Out of Compliance 73%

Flyte’s Section 125 pays for itself and is compliant with all applicable laws!

$3 million

30 and 100%

Audit Alert

The DOL requested $3,000,000 and 30 new employees to enhance their enforcement efforts. This affects 100% of employers with a pretax plan.

Audit Alert 100%

It’s more than just a document.

Annual documentation, financial testing, design concerns, FSA compliance, federal reporting and more, are among the many items needed to run a successful Section 125 Plan. For these reasons, most employers with a pretax benefit are not in compliance, and the DOL knows it.

Section 125 Plans are a great benefit and something every employer offering Group insurance should have, but it has to be done right!

Why Are We The Best?

  • Customized Documentation

  • Annual Compliance

  • Integrated Testing

  • Federal Reporting

Our Section 125 program ensures compliance and can even pay for itself MANY times over. Just ask us how!

Please download the brochure below and let us help you stay compliant and offer this great benefit.

Guaranteed Best Value

That’s right! We’re the best value in the business. Our team is backed by decades of experience and is supported by the best software. Our prices can’t be beat and when you add it all up, Flyte HCM has revolutionized compliance for the everyday employer.

No Monthly Fees

Flyte isn’t bound to monthly minimums like a benefit vendor is. With us, you pay for what you need regardless of the company size. We have clients with hundreds enrolled and clients with zero enrolled, all of them are covered by our services.

Worry Free Compliance

We accept responsibility of being the expert and you are assured of three things: Compliance, Affordability and Simplicity!

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