Employers around the country want the health insurance process to run smoothly for their employees and unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way. When it comes to sending in reibursement claims, we found a few common areas where we can help alleviate the stress of health insurance.

Here the most common claim issues:

  • Employees aren’t sure whatto send in for their reimbursement so they either send in the wrong documentation, or do not provide enough information.

  • They forget to provide a signature causing a claim denial.

  • They turned in a claim for an ineligible expense.

  • Their expense was not incurred within the plan year or grace period, depending on the plan.

Here are a few HR success tips to help alleviate potential claim issues:

  • Sign and date your claim forms after you have finished filling them out. We often receive claim forms without a signature and cannot approve a claim without one.

  • If it’s an insurance expense, send in an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) or itemized statement showing dates of service, incurred charges, and insurance responsibility. Paid or billed dates are not needed.

  • There is a key difference between a Health FSA and Dependent Care Plan: Your full Health FSA annual election is available day one of the Plan year and Dependent Care claims are reimbursed up to the amount contributed to the Plan so far that year.

  • Orthodontic Reimbursement works differently because treatment is scheduled over a predetermined period of time and expenses are “incurred” throughout treatment. Because of this, orthodontia services are considered long-term treatment plans. Please see the Orthodontia Claim form found on yuor portal for more information.

  • Be sure to check out our Over-The-Counter Healthcare Items form to determine which items are allowable medical expenses.

  • Participants can easily file all claims online through their WEX Health portal. No additional forms are needed and you can quickly upload your documentation at the time of submitting a claim.

  • Download our Flyte Mobile App from Google Play or the App Store for the simplest and most efficent claims experience on the market today. See our Flyte Mobile App product page here and download it today.

Flyte HCM is dedicated to claims success so employees can receive their reimbursements in a timely manner. We will work with your employees to provide understanding of claims and reimbursements.

Please contact our claims department for more information and further assistance, and visit our website for resources and forms.


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