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Launch Flyte HCM Portal

Flyte HCM provides ALL clients with a secure and HIPAA-compliant document storage and transfer portal – Our portal is your source for all of the forms and documents for administration of pretax, COBRA, payroll and/or benefit related plans and services your organization offers through Flyte HCM.

Launch COBRAPoint

COBRAPoint is used by Flyte HCM for our COBRA administration services. Employers utilizing this service are provided access to COBRAPoint to retreive reports, add new terminations, and verify enrollment information.

Launch WEX Health Cloud

WEX Health Cloud is used by Flyte HCM for the administration of pretax and tax-free employee benefit plans, such as Health Savings Accounts and Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plans. Employers are provided access to WEX Health Cloud to retrieve both automatic and real-time reports and verify employee demographic and enrollment data.

Launch Employer OnDemand
Launch Employer On The Go

If your organization utilizes Flyte HCM’s payroll services, you will be given access to one of two employer administration portals, based on the options your organization has chosen. If you are unsure of which portal to log in to, please contact Flyte HCM at 952.746.0000.

Contact Flyte HCM

Flyte HCM can be reached by phone at 952.746.0000.  If you prefer to email, we have several options that will direct your inquiry to the right person!

Login Issues?

Login Issues?

Email or call 952.746.0000 for assistance accessing your online accounts.

Enrollment or Change Questions?

Enrollment or Change Questions?

Email or call 952.746.0000 to speak to one of our representatives.

COBRA Concerns?

COBRA Concerns?

Email or call 952.746.0000 with questions about COBRA events or coverage.

Helpful Forms

These forms and more can be found by logging in to your account at

Flyte HCM’s Privacy Policy

Flyte HCM is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and plan participants.

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